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26 Apr

wealthy-affiliate-reviewIn this review, I’m going to be very honest and straight with you. I’m a STILL a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate Online Business since 2017 and I have started not only 1 online business but more than 2.

I’m reviewing this training only because I have tried it myself. Otherwise, I wouldn’t review it at all.

My goal is for you to evaluate if Wealthy Affiliate is the right training for your business or project as it has been for me since the beginning of my online journey.

Actually, whether you know nothing about an online business or are an experienced marketer, this platform can help you step-by-step how to start or scale your business without spending money you don’t have to.

The platform is COMPLETE.   You’ll see…   =)

So, having said that…  Please read carefully and comment below if you want to!

I reply to every comment on a daily basis.

Wealthy Affiliate – Overview and Features Ranking

Training: 4.7 out of 5

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Founders: Kyle and Carson
Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Website Builder: 5 out 5 (WordPress)
Hosting: 5 out of 5
Research Tools: 4.8 out of 5
Support: 5 out of 5
Price: Starter Member is free. Premium membership is $49/month or $299/year.

IMPORTANT: Results are seen after 6 months at least and they last as much as you want.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Training?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform built for online entrepreneurs and marketers. It was created in 2005 and since then it has helped A LOT of people build their online businesses.

This successful marketers and soon-to-be’s have grown into a very BIG and WARM community of people always willing to help you in any way you may need. (you’ll see the value in this as you ask for advice throughout the training and get it)

Kyle & Carson’s personal advice included!

They actually reply to some of your messages and keep track of your progress. In  addition, I consider their thoughts and opinion very valuable. (more than most’s in the community)

You can feel that it’s not about selling the training, it’s about helping you. It’s in the air, it’s about giving back to the community and platform that has helped you so much.

They teach you how to build your business spending the least amount of money!!!!


A quick overview of the process…

At Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn how to build your online business in any niche/industry you want. Above all, the online world has a lot of cost advantages and you don’t have to worry about competition because there’s enough for everyone. TRUST ME.

I’ve experienced fear thinking that my site visitors (traffic) are not going to buy from me, but I’ve also learned that anyone can do it if the work is done properly.

I have felt the feeling of reward watching my site making me passive income all the time, even while I sleep!

So… How does the online training works?

It teaches how to build an online business through blogging and getting the business’ posts ranked on Google. Just in case you don’t know, SEO (getting ranked on Google) is the most cost-effective way to monetize or make profits as a passive income with a website.



Wealthy Affiliate Online Business: How to Start the Training

Education level: Beginner to Advanced
Training format: Text + Videos and also you’ll have Live Weekly Courses, Webinars and Instant Chat at your disposal.
Training structure: First 10 lessons are FREE, then $49 monthly (the most well-spent money in your online journey)

Once you’ve pre-setup your Wealthy Affiliate free account with the basic information you’ll have access to the training platform.


It begins with a 10-lesson course, pretty easy by the way, you don’t need to have more than basic computing skills, once it’s finished, you’ll have your WordPress website setup and running.

The training is laid out in a simple & easy to understand the process. You have a text layout with over-the-shoulder videos where you can see one of the founders building his website at the same time as you are building yours.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Business



As you go through the training, the platform gives you the tools, services, resources, and coaching you need to build a website around any market or niche. The process is the same. It’s not difficult, but it will require a lot of work to build your business with a great foundation and do not rely only on paid traffic…

If anyone tells you it requires almost no work at all and results are fast.. IS LYING TO YOU. Is that simple… There is no shortcut. Everyone being honest with you will tell you the same.


What makes Wealthy Affiliate Online Business a great training platform?

The training comes with cool features that SAVE YOU MONEY, here are the ones I consider most important:


SITERUBIX (Great hosting service + site management)

It’s where you can manage everything related to your websites.

  • SiteManager – Easily manage all of your websites.
  • SiteBuilder – Build any website you want.
  • SiteDomains – Find, register and manage your domains.
  • SiteContent – Write articles and posts and publish directly into any of your websites.
  • SiteComments – Receive comments on your pages and posts.
  • SiteFeedback – Get feedback on your website from other website owners.
  • SiteSupport – Quick and effective technical support 24/7.

LIVE EVENTS (100s of tutorials)

I personally try to attend each and every one of them (once a week) and also watch replays of past webinars of a topic I wanna learn about.

You have access to:

  • Live Classes – Wealthy Affiliate leaders publish a LIVE WEBINAR of a specific topic EACH WEEK. Each class is recorded and at your disposal, if you want to watch the replay.
  • Classrooms – Chat rooms or discussion rooms where you can find and talk about many topics and issues related to online business.
  • Video + Text Tutorials.

JAAXY (Research tools)

This module is very useful because you can research keywords, site ranks, and competition.

The features I use the most are:

  • Keyword search & analysis – Keyword metrics research and analysis.
  • Niche keyword list – Find niche keyword lists. (EXCLUSIVE TO WA MEMBERS ONLY)
  • Affiliate programs – Find affiliate programs in your market.
  • My keywords list – Create and manage your keywords lists.

SUPPORT (A community you can always count on)

There are moments when you need advice whether its from professionals or other online entrepreneurs. This platform really has a great community willing to help.

  • Live Chat – You can post a message in the Live Chat Room and get replies instantly!
  • Ask a Question – Ask any question related to online business and get answers from the community.
  • Private Messages – Chat privately with any Wealthy Affiliate member.
  • Site Support – Quick and effective technical support 24/7.

After that, you have finished the 10-lesson free course, glimpsed at the features and community of the training platform and your website up and running with the initial framework content… You’ll have to become a premium member. PERIOD.



In addition, when you join us and become a premium member, you’ll have access to the AFFILIATE BOOTCAMP TRAINING, especially for those marketers that want to start an online business promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

You’ll also be given an Affiliate Link to share and start earning money through WA’s affiliate program, which by the way, gives great commissions and rewards.


Wealthy Affiliate Online Business



Achieve 300 Premium Referrals in 2019 and earn an invitation to hang out with Kyle, Carson, and others on this all-paid private conference!



Here are a few testimonials…

wealthy affiliate


Don’t spend any money, in other words, I really encourage you to try the free membership and see it for yourself. In fact, don’t even believe what I’m telling you right now. I’d rather let the community members speak for the training itself.

In conclusion, if I were you I wouldn’t waste any more time and do the following:

     Step1: Create a Starter Membership at WealthyAffiliate.com (Click Here to Join)
     Step2: Go through the “Get Started” training
     Step3: Start thinking about a niche/market if you don’t already have one in mind
     Step4: Have fun!

After that, you will be emailed with instructions on how to get started, but remember that you can contact me directly through email or the platform. If you ever need to reach out to me after you’ve created your account, you can DM me at my profile.

Direct Access: My Wealthy Affiliate Profile (Juan Felipe)

Finally, if you have any doubt related to Wealthy Affiliate, you wanna share your own point-of-view, or you have any other sort of comment about online entrepreneurship, please leave them below and I will help you ASAP. I promise to get back to you very fast, so expect a response within a day max.

I Will be forever thankful to Kyle & Carson (founders) for having developed this great training and platform.

Don’t waste any more time, it is limited and very valuable.

Take action and learn how to create passive income!

If you want to know a bit more about me and Daily Juice CLICK HERE.

Talk soon!

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Restaurant Owner
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