A Real Online Personal Fitness Coach

19 Apr

The time has come to introduce myself as your online personal fitness coach and friend.
My name is Juan Felipe but please call me J. It’s shorter and easier. =)
I’m the founder of Daily Juice For Success.

A site I created to personally help anyone learn how to start an online business (LIKE I DID)
and how to eat & train properly (LIKE I DO) to shred fat or bulk up FAST.


online personal fitness coach


Well… it’s really frustrating, especially the feeling of having
wasted time and money with no sustainable results.
I know how hard it can get and how it feels.

NOW, I control my body and whenever I feel like losing or gaining weight
I just do it with almost no effort.

I used to weight 210 pounds, had double-chin, and cheeks big as mangos.
Today I’m about 160 pounds and very soon I’ll be reaching 5% body fat.

It’s time to help you get results FAST too!


It’s all about giving back.
Above all, I love helping people
and I will enjoy helping you get to where you want to get together.

I have A LOT of experience in fitness & nutrition as a Certified Wellness Coach,
but more important is what I have learned over the last 15 years of training on my own,
researching and following different fitness coaches, that knowledge I’ll share with you.

Maybe you’re reading this post because you’ve felt frustrated
because you can’t lose or gain weight, don’t know where to begin, or
just know that with coaching you’ll achieve results faster.


As you may probably have done, I’ve also dumped money on “CUSTOM” diet plans
and training from coaches that gave me coaching that was FAR FROM PERSONAL.

Sometimes I did a quiz, but mostly I didn’t.
I never really got to talk by email with any of those guys.

All I got was some recipes in a PDF format.
The meal plan was not tailored to my preferences or culture.

For example, many ingredients were hard to find and some foods I couldn’t eat because of allergies.
I’m allergic to gluten, and as I never got quizzed,
there was no way for the people I bought from to know that they had to build me a gluten-free diet.

And I got a training plan to lose weight in 3 months, but I also had knee a problem, so there was no way for them to know
that I wasn’t able to do some of the exercises in the training plan.

That’s why I consider a MUST to begin coaching with a short quiz to get to know if we are a good fit for each other.

Take action NOW and take my quiz HERE!

Find out EXACTLY what you will get from me as your online personal fitness coach HERE.

Remember that NOW is the BEST time to start a healthy lifestyle.

Talk soon!


My mission is to be as real as possible with you here. If you are on this website you are most likely interested in these: Fitness & Health. Secrets I’ve learned to shred fat and bulk up faster. Online Business. No matter if you’re starting a business from scratch or scaling-up your existing business.

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