Daily Juice For Success, The Journey

22 Jun

My Journey To Success

Hi, I’m the founder and creator of Daily Juice For Success.
My name is Juan Felipe, J for short, I’m 34 years old and right now I’m living in Latin America.

I managed to get a marketing college and master’s degree by the age of 25.
By that time I’ve already gained experience by walking the corporate path.

Worked for many companies big and small,
learning and developing working skills that I would find VERY useful later on.

But at the same time as I worked, I realized that I wasn’t fulfilled.

I didn’t like at all working 8 hours a day MINIMUM for other guys to get all the profit. That’s when I suddenly knew that I would only work for others until I could invest in my own business and BE MY OWN BOSS.

Years passed and by the time I reached my 30th birthday I’ve saved enough money to finally invest in my own BRICK AND MORTAR BUSINESS: My own restaurant, which by the way, as we speak is turning it into a profitable local food franchise!!

I can proudly say that after doing a lot of research, losing money, GETTING SCAMMED and a lot trial-and-error; I’ve managed to build a profitable restaurant plus two (2) websites up and running MAKING ME PASSIVE INCOME ALL THE TIME!

Now that you know my story and beginnings, you have to realize that SUCCESS IS UP TO YOU and no one else.

With that said, my friend…


Daily Juice For Success


Today, SUCCESS only happens to you if you set goals and take action. You have to choose what do you want in life, what is happiness for you.

It could be becoming a great school teacher or an online entrepreneur. If you don’t set your goals, you’ll spend the rest of your life working for someone else’s dream.

When I began to really understand that principle of life, little by little, I started to become MORE AWARE.

That was a few years ago and many things have happened since then. I now get to do what I love every day, manage my local business having a lot of fun and also BLOG, POST AND GIVE ADVICE on how to become successful in many ways. Daily Juice For Success

That means something to me, and I get to share my thoughts, skills, and experiences on this blog. I get to recommend apps and programs that are legit, give advice on books to read and help the average joe FVCK MEDIOCRE BEFORE MEDIOCRE FVCKS HIM.

And it’s all in pursuit of my greatest mission: to help others be the best version of themselves.

Click HERE to find out exactly what is my mission




My mission is to be as real as possible with you here. If you are on this website you are most likely interested in these: Fitness & Health. Secrets I’ve learned to shred fat and bulk up faster. Online Business. No matter if you’re starting a business from scratch or scaling-up your existing business.

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